How to use our dashi pack 

We introduce various ways of using our dashi pack to make use of it for a delicious flavor.
The charm of dashi packs is that anyone can use it to extract an authentic dashi.

“Basic dashi extraction”
The basic dashi is 1 dashi pack to 500ml(16.9 fl oz) of water. It is suitable for dishes in which the dashi soup is enjoyed as well.

①Add the dashi pack to a pot filled with room-temperature water. 

By adding room-temperature water instead of hot water, the umami of the ingredients is properly extracted to create delicious dashi.

②Shake the dashi pack with chopsticks or tongs about five times and turn the heat to the middle.
After boiling, simmer for 5 minutes on low heat. 

The key is to simmer on low heat without allowing it to boil fully.

③Please remove the dashi pack.


“Other ways to use it”

As rice seasoning
If you use the dashi pack as rice seasoning, you can enjoy a flavor with more umami than usual. 
It is also recommended for tamago kake gohan (raw egg mixed with white rice).

As a condiment
You can also use sprinkle the contents of the bag onto marinated dishes, pan-fried dishes, deep-fried dishes, and boiled dishes to season them.
This will increase the umami, richness, and depth of the flavor for a more delicious dish.

Cold-brew dashi
Cold brewing allows for delicious dashi to be made easily even when there is no time.
Please use the same amount of water as the basic dashi extraction, place the dashi pack in a pot or some other vessel and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.

Ice dashi
If you freeze dashi in an icetray and store it, you can keep it as a convenient stock that can be instantly used when needed.
Even on hot summer days, you can enjoy delicious dashi-flavored dishes.

Drinkable dashi
Just like bringing tea or coffee around in a tumbler, how about making use of dashi for your drink away from home or at your office?
In place of soup to go with your bento or as a breather during your breaktime. Please be soothed by Futaba’s dashi.



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