Our particular attention to the sensation of UMAMI flavor, which lingers in the mouth softly with warmth, is an essential Japanese sensibility and it could be described as one of the fundamental feature of Japanese culture.


The essence of UMAMI is realizing that it exists and finding it.

ON THE UMAMI takes into account both scientific research of UMAMI components as well as the sensibility and craftsmanship of chefs in our pursuit of dashi-broths, and this is how we have always approached the essence of UMAMI. We will apply the perspective and sensibility for recognizing true quality that we have gained not only for the delightfulness on our taste buds, but to propose ideas beyond foods as an “expansive life-style brand with UMAMI at the core” to enrich and make life delicious. 

Knowing UMAMI

UMAMI is not only a sensation but an actual distinct component of taste or flavor. It was originally discovered from Kelp dashi broth by a Japanese scientist. Since then, it has been proved that we taste UMAMI through particular taste receptors and therefore it has been recognized as the fifth basic taste. The word UMAMI has been globally adopted as an official term and the delicate sensibility of the Japanese has been gaining great attention. When isolating the components of UMAMI, we can divide it in two groups; Amino Acids (Glutamate) and Nucleic Acids (Inosinate, Guanylate). These components create a synergy to increase the UMAMI. Furthermore, when drying, fermenting or aging the produce it causes it to reduce water and trigger enzymatic action, which increases the UMAMI flavor. This is the reason why even before the discovery of UMAMI flavor, tomatoes and cheese were on the table as choice condiments across the world.

 Enrich and make life delicious.

To extrapolate the best from the ingredients, to heighten the quality and to recognize the inherent UMAMI leads to discovery of quality in various aspects of our daily lives, essentially enriching our living experience.


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