This delicate and high-quality dashi was delicious!

I was curious about this hand-drip dashi as it became very popular on Instagram.

It was easy to make, delicious, and its delicate flavor helped me to relax.


The hearty umami flavors of dashi prepared from onion, carrot, celery, potato, ginger, and dried young bluefin tuna flakes will help to relieve your stress.

Ingredients (for 1 person)

・1 packet of “Vegetable UMAMI hand-drip dashi” ・200ml of water ・1 piece of filter (included in the packet)

1. Step

Set the drip filter (included in the packet) in a cup. Add the “dried vegetables” and “powdered extract” and mix well. Add the “tuna flakes” on top.

2. Step

Pour just enough boiling water to make all the tuna flakes moist and steep for 10 seconds.

3. Step

Continue pouring hot water in several batches so that the paper filter is not directly in contact with the hot water.


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