Food safety

Introduction of factory

Our fully equipped production facility and wide sales network allow us to respond quickly to the changing needs of consumers and offer flavorful solutions throughout each season.

Eating is an important culture.

Futaba's mission is to make this culture more diverse and profound.

An exciting food culture of multiple dimensions and depth can only be achieved when there are fresh, flavorful materials. Futaba attaches particular importance to the selection of materials.

There is no end to the “search for appetizing taste” in our daily diet. The first step toward savory discovery is to understand the materials involved. That’s why Futaba concentrates on finding ways to make the best use of materials based on scientific analysis. Our quality products, which satisfy even culinary professionals, are the results of a ceaseless quest for quality and excellence, backed by “scientific data”.

Futaba has reliable technologies and professional skills.

  • Strict “material selection"
  • The professional “art of blending
  • “Processing” for excellent quality
  • Uncompromising “inspection”

The secret behind the consistent taste of Futaba products is the keen eye of a professional craftsman. “Tastiness” makes everyone “smile,” regardless of language of culture.

Futaba will strive to remain a trusted brand that continues to satisfy the consumers palate and keeps bringing "smiles to the dining table".