Pancakes for a meal

Pancakes for a meal
Ingredients 2 servings
 1 tablespoon White dashi
 1 tablespoon Vinegar
 1 tablespoon Olive oil
 Lime juice to taste
 1/2 Onion
 4 pieces Asparagus
 3 pieces Mini-tomatoes
 6 slices Prosciutto
 2 Poached eggs
 4-6 slices of Pancakes for a meal (Preferred amount)
 Pepper to taste


1) Thin slice onions and soak it in water then drain the water. Cut the asparagus into 4 pieces and boil. Round slice tomatoes.

2) Add Dashi-maker’s Clear Shiro dashi, vinegar, olive oil and lime juice in a bowl and mix well. Add the ingredients prepared in step 1 and prosciutto mix everything.

3) Pile the baked pancakes on a plate and top the ingredients prepared in step 2 and the poached egg with pepper to taste. Add lime if preferred.

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