Poached chicken drumsticks and daikon radish

Poached chicken drumsticks and daikon radish
Ingredients 2 servings
 50ml Noodle soup base
 800ml Water
 1/4 of a Daikon radish
 8 Chicken drumsticks
 Pinch of salt
 Pinch of pepper
 2 slices of ginger


1) Peel the skin from the daikon radish and round slice it to 2.5cm thickness and cut into half circles while chamfering the edges. Season the chicken drumsticks with salt & pepper and after letting it stand for 10 minutes grill it in a pan.

2) Place Noodle soup base, water and daikon radish in a pot and over medium heat. Bring to a boil and add the chicken drumsticks with ginger bring it to a boil again.

3) Lower the heat and after 1 hour of cooking, turn the heat off and let it cool.

4) Put it over heat again and once the daikon radish is thoroughly flavored serve it on a plate or bowl.

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