Bamboo shoot rice

Bamboo shoot rice
Ingredient 3-4 servings
 1 pack Satori dashi
 400ml Water
 300g Rice
 100g Bamboo shoots
 80g Chicken thigh
 1 slice Fried tofu
 3 tablespoons Light soy sauce
 1 tablespoon Sake
 Pinch of salt


1) Add water and Satori dashi in a pot over a medium low heat. Once boiled, lower heat for 5 minutes and take out the pack.

2) Wash rice and drain water. Cut bamboo shoots and chicken thigh to your preferred size and slice fried tofu into rectangular.

3) Marinate chicken thighs in light soy sauce and sake.

4) Add the rice prepared in step 2 inside a rice cooker. Pour appropriate amount of the cooled dashi prepared in step 1 inside the rice cooker for 300g of rice. Put the bamboo shoots and fried tofu with salt and ingredients prepared in step 3 with the liquid and cook rice.






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