Kakitama Egg Soup

Kakitama Egg Soup
 Ingredients 2 servings
 1 pack UMAMI dashi Bonito and Konbu kelp
 500ml Water
 1 Egg
 1 teaspoon Light soy sauce
 Pinch of salt
 Preferred thickness Starch
 Mitsuba japanese parsley to taste


1) Add water and UMAMI dashi Bonito and Konbu kelp in a pot a over medium low heat.

Once boiled, lower heat for 3 minutes and take out the pack.

2) Beat the egg and cut Mitsuba japanese parsley into 3cm length.

3) Add light soy and salt to the dashi stock prepared in step 1 and bring to a boil.

4) Add thickness with starch and water, then add beaten egg little by little.

When egg forms a fluffy shape add the mitsuba japanese parsley and turn off the heat.



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